Excellent attendance and punctuality are the first steps to a successful school career. Losing five minutes of your education each day through lateness is equivalent to missing some sixteen hours of school each year – that is more than three days of your education!

  • School starts at 8.30 am. Arriving after 8.30 am means you are late and this will mean you having to attend a detention that day.


A good education plays a vital part in shaping your future. Students who frequently miss school fall behind with school work and do less well in exams. This will affect your college or job prospects.

At The Hawthorne’s we:

  • Encourage excellent attendance and punctuality by using a range of strategies including rewards for high attenders.
  • Promptly investigate all absences, liaising closely with parents.
  • Respond to absenteeism firmly and consistently but with care.  We are always sympathetic to genuine illnesses.
  • Discourage medical and dental appointments which are made during school time
  • Hold discussions with pupils whose attendance drops below 97.5% unless there are genuine reasons for this absence

Pupils who achieve excellence in attendance by attending for at least 97% of the school year will receive a gold attendance badge at a special ceremony in front of their parents


Authorised Absence

There are strict government guidelines as to when you are allowed to be legally off school. They are:

  • Genuine sickness
  • Days of religious observance
  • Exceptional family circumstances, eg. bereavement
  • Medical appointments but only for the duration of that appointment


Unauthorised Absence

This is when you are absent from school without the school’s permission. Legally this is defined as ‘truancy’.

None of the following reasons is an acceptable excuse for not going to school:

  • Time off for a minor ailment
  • Holiday in term-time without authorisation
  • Birthday treats or day trips out
  • Oversleeping
  • Waiting in for workmen or minding the house
  • Shopping
  • Taking a ‘long weekend’
  • Looking after a brother or sister
  • Taking the rest of the day off before or after a medical appointment


Being off for any of these reasons is not showing excellence!