This policy has been prepared after consultation with all the Senior Leadership Team and will be presented to Governors for their approval. Parents have the opportunity to read the contents of this policy document via the school website. The policy will be regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure its effectiveness in providing a safe and caring environment for everyone in our school community.

The security measures introduced will not only support the school in ensuring the care and safety of pupils, staff and visitors but also enhance the learning and teaching opportunities for our pupils by minimising disruptions to classroom routines and maximise learning and teaching time.


The school is fitted with CCTV and there are 48 cameras sighted on the school premises. They record to a hard drive and are backed up onto CD when requested by Police, they are further monitored by Sefton Security Services (SSS) out of school hours. During the school day selected staff are able to monitor the school from the Deputy Headteacher’s office; Notices informing the public of the CCTV system are displayed in prominent places on the school premises. The relevant staff have been trained regarding the monitoring procedures of the CCTV security system and the equipment is regularly maintained to ensure that it is always fully operational.


 If pupils arrive or leave at other than the normal start/end times and the main entrance is fitted with a security intercom opening system and entry is gained after sounding the buzzer system (this sounds in the main office) and the opening system being operated by a member of staff. The intercom allows visitors to identify themselves before entry is permitted. A CCTV camera allows staff to view all visitors to the school. Pupils are not allowed to open the doors. The main entrance is for visitors/parents only and is not an entry/exit door for pupils.  Except at lunchtimes when a small minority of pupils leave/return for lunch but the pupils entry and exit is supervised by staff the internal doors are fitted with electronic system operated by a key fob system which all school staff have a fob designated to them.

The pupils enter and exit the school via the following doors:

.Dining area

.Main doors onto the playground and through the external doors adjacent to the gym

Main Reception if late or attending appointments.

The doors will be opened at 8am at the dining area and 8.25am off the school playground and closed at 3 pm.  Main Reception remains open from 8am to 5.45pm.

A member of staff will be on duty at each entrance at the start and end of the school day.  If parents need to speak to a member of staff they may speak to the secretary at the main office and make an appointment.  Any pupils arriving at school after the doors have been locked must enter the building via the main entrance and their late arrival will be recorded in the ‘Late Book and will be recorded on the electronic registration system’.


 All visitors must report to the main office on arrival at the school and enter the building via the main entrance. All visitors must sign the visitor’s book on arrival and departure. Parents collecting their child/children early must report to the school office.

 The school has a pass system in operation as follows:

Staff.  All staff are in possession of a school pass and this is to be worn at all times.

Visitors.  A two tier system is in place for visitors:

Visitors with confirmed CRB Check –amber pass and may be unescorted.

Visitors with unconfirmed CRB Check –red pass escorted at all times.


 All pedestrian gates will be opened at 8am each day and locked at 8.5oam each day. It will be reopened at the end of the school day, 2.50pm. The main entrance gate will remain open during the school day to allow access for visitors and deliveries.

Vehicles   All visitors can use the main car park.

Collection of Pupils

 Pupils that are collected from school must be collected by their parents or nominated representative. Pupils who are not collected on time must wait inside the main entrance until parents arrive. Parents are requested to inform the school if there is an emergency or change in collection arrangements.

Pupils of Special Concern

 The Headteacher must be informed of any special concerns regarding pupils (e.g. pupils on the Child Protection Register/ looked after children/those who may be risk of being abducted/ those who may run way and any who are subject to Care Orders) and parents and outside agencies have a responsibility to ensure that this information is shared with the school. Relevant teachers will be informed in confidence, of any pupils who require special care and sensitivity.

Visitors Causing Concern

 A member of the Senior Leadership Team and School Administrator must be informed immediately of any intruder or visitor under the influence of drink or drugs being on the premises. Children should be shielded or moved away quietly and quickly if required. The police will be alerted immediately. Any visitors or parents who gain entry to the school grounds or classroom and behave in an inappropriate manner must be asked to leave the premises immediately; the Headteacher must be informed immediately. The police will be informed of any such instances even if that person leaves the building on request. If such an incident occurs during break times the teacher on duty will first ensure that all pupils return to the school building safely and secure all entrances and alert a senior member of staff.

Incident Reporting

 All incidents of vandalism/damage/threat must be reported to the Headteacher and a written record of the incident must be made and reported to the relevant bodies.


 The Health & Safety officer must be informed of any serious injury caused to a pupil or member of staff. The area should be evacuated and the emergency services alerted. First aid will be administered until the arrival of the emergency services.

Fire/bomb Threat

In the event of a fire or if a bomb is detected or bomb threat received the school should be evacuated immediately according to the fire drill and the emergency services informed.

Educational Visits

Staff will closely supervise pupils during educational visits. The wearing of school uniform may be requested on all school visits. The school should be contacted if any pupil is injured or the party is likely to be delayed e.g. if the coach breaks down. Parents will then be informed accordingly. A member of staff who will remain there until the child’s parents arrive will take any pupil requiring medical attention to a hospital.


Nominated key holders only have possession of keys to external doors. The Headteacher must be informed immediately if any keys are lost so that replacement locks can be fitted.



1.         Pupils should behave in a courteous manner and respect other people’s property.

2.         Loss of, or wilful damage to, books or equipment must be paid for by the culprits.

3.         Smoking on or near the school premises and during school hours is forbidden.

4.         Radios, personal C.D. players, valuables etc., are not allowed on the premises.

5.         The chewing of gum if prohibited at all times.


6.         Pupils should walk quietly along the corridors in single file keeping to the left hand side.

7.         Toilets are available at Break.  If it is necessary for a pupil to use the toilets during lessons they report to the school office and produce written permission from the class teacher.

8.         No pupil must enter a teaching room until the member of staff responsible for them is present.  Pupils should wait quietly in a single line.

9.         There are two entrances for pupils to access the school grounds, The Foundation Yard and The Senior Yard.  Foundation pupils should access the premises through the main school gate; from there they access their school yard via the gate at the base of the school steps.  Senior pupils should access the school premises through the pupil gate on Fernhill Road from the Senior Yard they access the school building.

Pupils who arrive with a bike enter the school grounds through the Senior yard to access the bike shed.  Pupils must walk their bikes across the yard and lock them in the bike shed provided.  The Senior Yard gate and bike shed will be closed at 8.50am until the end of the school day (2.50pm).  It is the pupils’ responsibility to supply a lock and secure their bike to the bike stand.  School is not responsible for any bikes or equipment bought onto the site.

10.      The cemetery adjacent to the school and the grounds of other schools are out of bounds at all times.

11.      Pupils must not bring aerosol sprays onto school premises.




1.       Pupils who stay for school dinners cannot leave the school premises during the lunch hour unless they have written permission.

2.         Pupils who go home for their dinner should not return to school until

1.40p.m. and when they return they should go immediately on to the

school yard.

NO pupil has permission to be spending their lunchtime in the streets surrounding the school nor at the shops, they must go home.

The following areas are out of bounds to pupils at all times.

1. Local shops, café chip shop etc

2. Bootle Cemetery.

3. Any other schools or school grounds.

The school hall is available each lunchtime to pupils as well as the school yard.



Pupils should:

1.         Be polite and courteous towards each other, staff and visitors.

2.         Respect the school buildings and facilities.

3.         Respect their own and other people’s property.

4.         Walk around the building in an orderly manner.

5.         Bring their own equipment to lessons.

6.         Attend school regularly and on time.

7.         Abide by the school rules and regulations.


Classrooms (including laboratories, workshops and gym) are your places of work.  Just as in any factory or office, there needs to be clearly understood rules and expectations to allow everyone to work safely and successfully.

1.         Start of lessons

Enter the room sensibly and go straight to your work place

Take out books, pens and equipment

Put bags away

Eating, drinking and chewing are not allowed

Remain silent while the class register is called (except when your name is called).

2.         During lessons

When your teacher talks to the whole class, remain silent and concentrate.

If the class is asked a question, put up your hand to answer – do not call out.

You must be properly equipped (e.g. pen, P.E. Kit, cookery ingredients).

Work sensibly with your classmates – do not distract or annoy them.

In discussion respect other people’s opinions.

You must not leave without a note from a teacher.

3.         End of lessons

The bell and the clock are not signals for you; they are for the teacher’s information.

You should not begin to pack away or put on outdoor wear until you are told to do so.

Only when your teacher finally tells you to go may you leave the room.


Staff are in the position of parents/guardians while you are in school.  This means that –

There is no excuse for rudeness, disrespect or insolence towards staff.

            Any request from a member of staff should be carried out at once and

            without argument.