The Governors of The Hawthorne’s Free School have agreed on the following policy on charging:

 General – Education is provided free of charge during school hours

Materials – Neither pupils not parents are requested to pay for or to supply any materials, books, instruments or other specialist equipment for use in connection with education provision during school hours, except that a charge may be made for ingredients and materials for practical subjects such as Food Technology, Resistant Materials etc.

Examination Fees – no charge will be made for entry fees for prescribed public examinations for which registered pupils are being prepared at the school.

Charges will be made for the following circumstances:

a)      If a pupil fails to complete the examination requirements for any examination the fee shall be recovered from the parents

b)      Where an activity takes place outside school hours

c)      Parents can also be asked to pay for damage caused by their children while at school

Educational Visits taking place mainly in school hours

No charge will be made to parents whether for education or transport.  The school is responsible for financing the visit whether by parental voluntary contribution, capitation or such other funds as may be available.

Voluntary Payment may be sought from parents as long as it is made clear:

 a)      That there is no obligation to contribute

b)      That registered pupils at the school will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request