‘The Nine Habits of an Outstanding Student’ underpin what we expect from our students on a daily basis. They outline the behaviours, attitudes and routines that every member of our community should strive to follow.


Based on our three core values of aspiration, community and excellence, the habits are intended to drive improvement across the school community, influencing parents, pupils and staff alike. They permeate the school: on the walls of the corridors, in classrooms, in our written and promotional literature and in the language of our daily transactions with each other as members of the Hawthorne’s community in its widest sense. The ‘Nine Habits’ drive the pursuit excellence for our students.


The habits themselves are as follows:


Habit 1:          Strive hard

Habit 2:          Plan well

Habit 3:          Dream big


Habit 4:          Pride in ourselves

Habit 5:          Respect for each other

Habit 6:          Pride in our school


Habit 7:          Routines of excellence

Habit 8:          Look the part, act the part

Habit 9:          Beyond my best