Sir Iain HallThe Hawthorne’s is not just another secondary school. It is a free independent school within the state sector and, as such, has many freedoms and privileges not currently enjoyed by other schools.

Our aim is not just to be another local school but to create a lively, vibrant community of pupils, parents and teachers brought together by their shared dedication to doing whatever it takes to achieve success.

Our teachers, support and administrative staff are high performing professionals who go above and beyond expectations to make a difference to the lives of our pupils.

We have the highest of academic aspirations for all of our pupils. Our goal is simple in that we will prepare each of them to enter sixth form college, university and a successful career.

Every aspect of life at The Hawthorne’s reflects our determination to secure the best outcomes for our pupils. This website sets out what we do to secure their success. We hope you enjoy reading it.


Sir Iain Hall
Executive Principal